Avoid the Airport

Avoid the Airport Baggage Costs and Hassles, not to mention the long waits at the baggage carousel! Airline travel can be stressful enough without all of the continuing changes and charges for checking your baggage. And, that’s just the airlines. Then you have to keep up to date with the Homeland Security regulations.

You can make your air travel less stressful by letting us ship your heavy and cumbersome luggage for you. Skip the baggage carousel and have your bags waiting for you at your destination.

Stop by and get a suitcase box along with other needful boxes, or just bring your bags in and we will pack and ship them for you.Now, you can stop worrying about lost luggage, stop dragging your bags through airport terminals and security lines, and start enjoying your trip.

Make your next trip easier and more pleasurable… ship your luggage ahead and you will definitely be able to Save 10 Minutes and More!